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Application Singapore Construction job

  1. What’s App to +6593800626 with CV, all certificate copy, passport copy, Work Permit (front & back) and/or Special Pass copy, Transfer letter and quote the job numbers and JOB that you want to apply. Or
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  4. Agency Fee for Transfer is $1000 upon approval of IPA

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Application Singapore Construction job

Please ensure that you submit all the relevant document including a details resume stating what are your experience. All the certificates and passes copy will help employer to select you over the next candidate. Valid Core Trade and Multi-skills will be an advantage. Please provide photograph of your past work like welding, etc to enhance your application. Bear in mind worker with low levy are always preferred.

Advisory – IPA can be issued again

Since you started work in Singapore and have know of FRC for more than 26 years as yours or your friend reliable agent.

This advisory is to update and clarify the latest status so that you will not be mislead into making wrong decision.

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