Certificate in Travel Service

Six months course plus six months internship


Course Objective

The ITE Skills Certificate in Travel Services (General) programme trains the participant in the functional areas of a travel agency. The participant will be taught the basics in airfare construction, the ABACUS computerised reservation system, tour operations, reservations and planning of inbound and outbound tours. This training will allow his/her to cross easily into another area of an agency's daily operations.


Course Fee

The participant will pay the full course fee under this scheme which includes:


  • 6 months classroom instruction
  • 6 months job attachment, during which the participant will be attached to a travel agency


Course Structure

This course comprises the following 4 modules:


4 Modules

Introduction to the Travel Industry

Excellence in Customer Service

Airfares, Reservations & Ticketing

Tour Operations



On successful completion of the programme, the ITE SKills Certificate in Travel Services will be awarded by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).



Girls or Boys between the age of 16 to 26 years old.


English language

Student must be conversant in English Language otherwise prior to the Certificate programme, student need to attend 3 to 6 months of English course.

Participant will be given an English level placement test to determine necessity to attend English course


FEC Student Care & Management Programme .