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frcjobs construction worker Singapore

Singapore Construction Worker Permit

Free Quota – have worked in Singapore Construction Worker Permit for 3 years.

Core Trade Holder – have a valid Core Trade or Multi-skills registration

R1 – Skilled worker – have worked in Singapore Construction Worker Permit for 6 or more years

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Advisory – Beware

FRC as a reliable agent. You and/or your friends have make us as your agent as early as 1994.

As a results of uncertainty many have asked us to verify the status of work permit for Singapore. We have heard from workers that their “agents” promise them IPA by paying them some money immediately. Some “agents” have even claimed a certain date in January 2021 for approval. These information are all unofficial (“Alibaba”). As of today (23rd November 2020), we can confirmed that the travel restriction for work permit to Singapore is not lifted.

Do not hand over your passport too quickly or too early. It may cost you more or you have to accept any jobs given to you.

You may check here (this page) frequently for update on approval for Singapore construction work permit holder to return.

We understand your anxiety and anxious to come quickly. Globally, the Virus situations is not under control. Singapore is cautious and that you MUST be safe to resume work in Singapore.

Perhaps, by March or April 2021 we may know of return date.

You are experienced and qualified workers. We have many clients with over 500 vacancies. You must remember that reliable and good agent is important.

We hope this advisory will help you to make right decision.

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