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Foreign Recruitment Centre Pte Ltd (Singapore Employment Agency License 94C4582). Since 1994, we recruit Construction workers for transfer for construction job.

Construction workers from Indian, Bangladesh and Myanmar who are in Singapore can opt for transfer. You will need to have the permission from current employer for transfer unless see here .

Construction Jobs for Transfer Worker

We have compile a list of job vacancies for foreign construction worker who need to seek alternate employment. Worker can refer to our other pages (link below) to find out if they are eligible for the transfer.

There is a section where we update the jobs available with information provided by the prospective employer.

Search for the job listed here. Quote the job number. Provide us with all your “papers” and we will liaise with clients to interview you.

Jobs include General Construction worker, Welder, Carpenter, Driver, Form work, Rebar, Plasterer, Electrician, Aircon technician, Safety Co-ordinator, Safety Supervisor. Lifting Supervisor, Surveyor Assistant, Rigger & Signaler, cleaner, Tiler, Excavator Operator. Window installer, Plumber, Ducting, False Ceiling and Partition worker, Wall paper installer. Pipe Insulation Fitter, Painter, Draftsman, Fire Alam Installer, Site Supervisor and all the other Construction trade.

Job Expectation for Transfer Worker

Be reasonable in your salary expectation. Expectation of overtime to be successful in their wish for job transfer.

We believe that current surge of demand of workers is temporary. When situation normalised and those worker with unreasonable demands may suffer lost of job.

There is risk for changing employer as you may not meet the expectation of new employer or vice versus.

To qualify for transfer, you will need a transfer letter from current employer.

If your Work Permit is Expiring between 40 to 21 days, Transfer letter is not required.

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